While everyone was talking about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn, they were leaving for jet ride to there Secret Vacation!

Image: Cheatsheet

Love is in the air, and Taylor Swift does not want us to know more about her romantic relationship. On Rhode Island, Taylor Swift owns a beach-front mansion that is worth $17 million. On Rhode Island, Taylor Swift has stayed and enjoyed the weekend with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift, 29-years-old, is in love with another “London Boy” and although the “Lover” singer has been tight-lipped about the details of their romantic relationship, she has been secretly and quietly dating Joe Alwyn, 28-years-old, since three years.

The couple has been really low-key ever since they have started dating. The romantic couple was spotted as they were boarding a private jet on Sunday in Rhode Island.

In the photos that were released late yesterday and the couple can be seen boarding the private jet separately after enjoying a weekend stay at Taylor Swift’s mansion located on Rhode Island.

Taylor Swift has bought a private jet for the first time in 2011, and now Taylor Swift is around $300 million worth.

The couple was seen dressed casually for their plane ride back home. Taylor Swift was seen wearing a white t-shirt and a cropped pair of faded skinny jeans while she topped off her look with a pair of sunglasses and a low ponytail. Joe Alwyn had appeared wearing a black knitted top and was seen carrying his own black duffel bag himself onto the aircraft.

In the year 2013, Taylor Swift has purchased her Rhode Island beach-front mansion for a massive $17 million. The beach-front mansion was built in 1930 and is spread across 11,000 square feet. This mansion is located at the highest point in Watch Hill and offers a stunning view of New England.

Recently, Taylor Swift has declined to comment on her low-key relationship and said that her relationship or its status is not up for any discussions.