After Many Delays, the popular Manga Series ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ has Again Got Delayed due to COVID-19 Pandemic!

‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ is a very famous Japanese web series revolving around a brother and sister, and their struggles that were released in the year 2011. Till now, it has had 1 season, which is available to stream on Netflix, and season 2 is being awaited by fans.  

Though it was confirmed that season would come by madhouse in 2015, then it was said it’d come in 2017, but however, it still did not air, and we are still waiting. 

However, it is officially confirmed that season 2 will be released, but due to the pandemic outbreak right now, the date is getting delayed, and sadly we do not know at what exact date will be this series launch. Presently, we cannot expect season 2 to launch soon,  it was expected to be released in the month of July 2020, but now there is no confirmation. We can wait for the details from their official website, which has no information as of now. 

                                                 pic credits- okakukart


However, talking about the plot and structure, until now, how many episodes will be there, has not been confirmed. It will be done in a while as soon as this pandemic resolves, says some sources. 

And about the cast, it will almost be the same characters of the first season, but we may see some new faces as well. 

About the plot, the story will be continued from where it left, as it is adapted from volume series of a famous Japanese novel, season 2 will continue from where the volumes stopped in season 1. There are sources revealing that this time the novels would have a description of the challenges they face, how they deal with everything when they are infected by the parasites and other enemies of them- magicians, so we don’t know what is expected of it right now. But we can’t expect much, as we already know what’s gonna happen. 

                                    pic credits- economies


But for fans, it’s a very crazy moment when season 2 will launch as they have been waiting for long for this to launch again.