What’s Next For June In The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4? Is She Going To Survive The Deadly Shot?

After a rather mind-boggling, third season finale with June getting shot and Serena being arrested for putting June in a sexually oppressive situation to get a child, things are going to be dramatic and dangerous for the characters of the hit series The Handmaid’s Tale.


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 TeaserLooks Thrilling And Dangerous As Well!

Hulu has confirmed the fourth season and while production was halted for a while now, it is reported that the team would soon return back to filming the fourth season. As the teaser teases , change might come with a heavy price!



The streaming platform has released a short teaser revealing what’s the fourth season going to look like for June and the rest of the characters who also seem to be fighting their own battles. As it is pretty clear that the resistance is going to get even stronger after whatever June did to free all the children.

How Will The Waterfords And Aunty Lydia Face The Aftermath Of The Resistance In Gilead.

Although things aren’t exactly looking good for Commander Fred Waterford and his wife Serena as well. After Fred went into revealing all the details about her, she was quickly arrested by the Canadian police authorities and was soon separated from her daughter. How will Serena get herself out of the mess?


With everyone opposing.power and the resistance gaining momentum back in Gilead, things are not looking good for Aunt Lydia as well. Ann Dowd is op-ed up. about her character’s fate and how she has a lot to prove in this blame game. With her atrocities coming to an end, she might be facing severe repercussions from the resistance and especially from June!