What was Tom Holland doing on stage at Disney’s D23 Expo? Fans freak!!

Tom Holland the fame of Spider-Man: Far From Home has taken to the stage at Disney’s D23 Expo. Marvel fans probably must have freaked seeing him there, especially after the fuss created by Sony and Disney. The agreement between both the company has allowed Spider-Man to appear in movies such as Avenger: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

But Tom Holland has taken to the stage for the promotion of Disney-Pixar’s upcoming animated fantasy film, Onward. But Tom Holland has not entirely stuck himself with the promotion of Onward, he id, in the end, make a room for the Marvel fans who attended the D23 Expo.

But Marvel fans literally had a heartbreak when they came across news that Spidey is not going to appear in any of the Marvel Studios movies thereafter. After taking the stage, Tom Holland said that it has been a crazy week and added that he wants everyone at the Expo to know that he was grateful from the bottom of his heart. And ended his speech by adding the iconic “I Love You, 3000” line.

Both Disney and Sony are now currently being blamed by mad fans over the Spider-Man dispute. Stars from Avengers franchise have now taken over Instagram to speak out their disapproval of such a decision.

Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye in the Avengers franchise gave Sony a direct blow on his behalf. Though speculation proved that the agreement was off due to Disney, Jeremy has said to Sony that he wants Spider-Man back to the Marvel universe. He ended his post with a please and a thank you.
Joan Lee, daughter of Stan Lee didn’t end her post with a please and a thank you. She was fierce when it came to busting Disney.

Joan Lee blamed that Marvel and Disney are seeking total control of her father’s creation. She said that this must be balanced by others who will respect her father and his legacy.

Joan Lee told the TMZ that Sony has continued to evolve her father’s characters and added that his legacy deprives of multiple points of view.