Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter Continues to be One of the Best Written Characters – A Review

Gon Freecss is the main character of the famous anime series- Hunter X Hunter series, which were released in the year 2011, and has had one season till now. It is a very popular and loved anime series, which is available to stream on Netflix.  

One of the reasons why this show is loved is because of Gon Freecs. Coming to his personality, he was a very cheerful person. He was not very knowledgeable, he did not have general knowledge which others did, but whatever happened, he made sure to be creative. 

                                                 Pic credits- WordPress

His negative point was that he was overly curious about things. There were times when he did not care about anything else but his own self. He does not care whether he is doing right or wrong, as long as it’s his decision; he doesn’t care about other opinions. 

But no matter how stubborn he was, he still was very sympathetic and good towards others. his weakness is when he really wants to protect his closed ones, but cannot.

He wanted to become a hunter, just like his father, Ging Freecss, whom he did not know where he was. It is about his whole quest to find his father. 

Talking about his appearance, he was a cute slim boy who had green spiked hair.  His powers included his ability to heal things, and also he was physically very strong.  More than humans, he had more love towards the animals and was seen spending most of his time with them.  He was a fan of Japanese rock and scissors as well, which showed his abilities- with just saying paper, he would develop Nen energy from his palm, and when he said scissors, he would develop his two fingers into its shape, and could attack just like scissors. 

                                              Pic credits- favim

Overall, he was a very loved and patient person. The positive qualities he possessed made him become a favorite of a lot of fans of the show.