What Led to differences between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? Why are they avoiding each other? Find out!

Two most famous personality, Paris Hilton and Nicholas Richies are known for best friend forever in television and film Industry. They grew together and become friends at an early age and spend a crucial part of their life altogether.

But after 2005-06, They are living apart from Each Other due to tension between them. The disagreements in their relationship are also observed in the TV and Film Industry.  multiple news indicates the reason for conflict between them but no one unable to disclose the accurate fact.

Working together on a T.V show.

Nicole Richie and  Paris Hilton worked together on Fox reality TV ‘Simple Life’, which showed their relationship bonding. The show becomes popular  On TV. They do shopping, dishing and traveling together.

 Reason for Conflict Between the two

Everyone was shocked when their connection was Broken. After that time, They are Avoiding each other. But No one is able to uncover any Clue for their Conflict. However,  it is confirmed that something terribly got wrong which creates a gap in a long-lasting friendship.

Nicole Richie is the author, model, and actress while Paris Hilton is a businesswoman and  Social Activist and great-granddaughter of Conard Hilton who founded the Hilton hotel. In an interview, Hilton told that it’s no big secret that Nicole and I share no longer friends. But Hilton Wish at her birthday on IG When she turned 36 in 2010. Nicole got married to Joel Madden and Hilton was not present in the marriage.

In  July 2014, Nicole Richie in ‘Watch what Happen Live’ told that she has Love for Paris. While she accepted that she had not chatted for long periods. And she admitted that Paris is a true friend of her Life. While they had not spoken with each other for a long time but they respect and love each other the same.