Top 10 Shows: Must Watch by Students during Quarantine period of COVID-19

As we know that Coronavirus has engulfed the entire world. And the only vaccine at present time is self-isolation. All over the world citizens are facing lockdown and we must stay at home to combat Corona.

So we are providing the 10 Topmost must-watch Shows which students can enjoy during the Quarantine period.

1.Kota Factory:-             

If you are preparing for IIT or going to prepare in the future then this show is a must for you. It is directed by Raghu for TVF. You can easily get this on YouTube at free of cost. it shows the struggle of a student who went to Kota Rajasthan for the preparation of IIT.

2.Dream Big:-           

As the name suggests, if you want to do big things first dream big. This documentary display some exceptional achievement of Engineering across the world. This series is narrated by Jeff Bridges.

3.Little Things:-

A Couple in their 20s face challenges in their work, modern-day relationship and life balances in a city of Mumbai. It exhibits how the negligible thing impacts the lives of people.

4. Breaking Bad:-     

Breaking Bad is a crime drama that revolves around a Chemistry teacher named Walter White. It displays how he deals with a personal and professional problem. He is diagnosed with cancer and wants to do more for the family. This series is available on Netflix.

5. House of Card:-   

It is one of the first web series to get Emmy nominations. It tells an anecdote of politicians who can do anything to attain the Power. featuring Kevin Spacey and Robin Urignt.

6.Delhi Crime:-         

Based on the Nirbhaya gang-rape case of 2012. It reveals how police put all the efforts to reach criminals. It shows the real Image of Police. Now that the perpetrators have received the penalty, viewing this series gives you satisfaction.

7.  Special Ops:-       

Suspense thriller based on the 2001 Parliament attack in Delhi. It shows how a RAW officer Himmat Singh put 19 years of his duty to catch the main terrorist of Parliament attack. K.K Menon’s performance is outstanding and makes you interested to see all the episodes at one duration.

8.Operation MBBS:- 

Operation MBBS is a web series based on the life of medical student .its shows the relationship among student who tackles all problems in college.  it also shows the real pictures of society.

9.One Day at Time: 

It is a comedy show which lightens your mood during Quarantine. it shows how newly single moms and veterans journey through  Triumph and turbulence comes while raising their children.

10. Family Man:-     

Family Man is a Spy Thriller web series,  it shows how an Intelligence Officer manage personal and professional life. Manoj Bajpai’s splendid performance makes the show superhit.