What is up with the SHOCKING couple John and Lorena Bobbitt: the wife that chopped off the penis of her husband??? Check out their updates after 21 years of that horrific incident.

Lorena Bobbitt is a popular name that the United States won’t ever overlook.

Lorena and John Bobbitt’s stunning story snatched eyeballs in 1993 when Lorena cut her then spouse’s penis with a blade following quite a while of supposed household abuse and sexual assault. She was then taken into a preliminary, where she was seen not as guilty by reason of madness.



She and her significant other John Wayne Bobbitt were in headlines all around the world in 1993 after she cut her husband’s private part after he supposedly assaulted and raped her.

Lorena Bobbitt has later captured a court trail stuck to this same pattern. While, John Wayne Bobbitt underwent an operation to connect the private part back.

After the trial, John Bobbitt was later cleared of assault. The jury additionally saw Lorena not as liable for the crime later. The couple eventually got separated the following six years of marriage.

In the meantime, John’s penis was carefully reattached after a nine-and-a-half-hour long activity. Lorena Bobbitt has shown up on TV after that while John Bobbitt featured in a couple of pornos.



Reports state that he asserts his penis is currently “back to ordinary”.

In the wake of watching the stunning story unfurl on-screen, watchers can’t quit handing out their conclusion about the whole disaster. Numerous just recited, “CUT IT OFF! CUT IT OFF! CUT IT OFF! #IWasLorenaBobbitt,” while watching the film. Others were discussing whether removing his penis was the best activity.

Considering the outcome of the episode, one fan posted, “Lorena proceeded to be a social equity warrior for abuse survivors OUT of the spotlight. John Bobbitt did the direct inverse,” and another stated, “I ordinarily don’t converse with good for nothings yet to make sure you realize she wasn’t the main casualty he beat up 2 of lady friends of his and beat the damnation out of his second ex on the grounds that a**holes like him never show signs of change #IWasLorenaBobbitt.”

After thirty years, Lorena Bobbitt is drifting big time on the web and out of nowhere, her story has provoked the curiosity of many.

Probably one of the deadliest cases that ever existed has now been made into a film. Subsequently, the quest for who is Lorena Bobbitt is at present so enormous that the google search results are been flooded with this. The movie is titled ‘I Was Lorena Bobbitt’ and debuted on May 25 on Lifetime.