You would definitely want to know this ranking of DCEU by someone who is a true and blue fan! Here it is.

I started watching the DCEU films just the previous month and I felt that it’s really simple to slam as well as dismiss some of them due to the aesthetic in them. In addition to the aesthetic it’s also because of the weak storyline and and the polarizing response to almost every aspect. Still of you consider DCEU as a whole, then it’s just the half part. It has 4 incredible films in its list and the rest four of them ranges from weak to even unwatchable.

Starting with Justice League, it was a huge failure to bring together two creative directions and sadly it couldn’t deliver even one of them. Although the movie had the great team of superheroes, it was unwatchable. Coming down to Suicide Squad, it was extra long and seemed pointless. Moreover, it had a zero rewatchable value in spite of a great cast. Pa Kent was made an objectivist that turned out to be the worst thing in Man of Steel. In addition, it also failed to convey a good Superman story to it’s audience.

Batman V. Superman was a good story but the execution of it was poor. However, it was better than the previous ones. After all these, Wonder Woman turned out to be a great success for DCEU. Gal Gadot played her character in a brilliant way, she was totally into it.

DCEU’s Shazaam is a must watch one. The characters have played their part so well that you’ll enjoy throughout the movie. Whereas, Birds of Prey is a love in spite of its imperfections. The movie delivers a great AU which gives a super live action Black Canary. And last but not the least, Aquaman is the best DCEU movie. And it was totally worthy of becoming the highest grossing DC film.