What can we expect from Good Girls season 3? Know the major latest updates, cast, plot and more about the upcoming season.

‘Good Girls’ is a crime comedy series launched by Jenna Bans. This series premiered on NBC and Netflix. The plot of the series revolves around three Michigan mothers, two of them are sisters, who are facing financial crisis. They decided to rob off a supermarket for overcoming the problems. But once, the store manager recognizes one of them for a reason other than money heist.

After the two such interesting and thrilling seasons, people are now waiting for the release of Season 3.

When Season 3 will release?

Good Girls’ Season 3 will be releasing in early 2020. NBC has confirmed the date of release for Season 3 as February 16, 2020. This time Season 3 will have a total of 16 episodes rather than 10 or 13 episodes in Season 1 and Season 2 respectively.

Still no confirmation has been given by Netflix for the streaming date of Season 3.

Is there any trailer for Season 3?

Yes, NBC has recently released its trailer to give some sneak peak of Season 3.

Cast and Characters

The three main characters of the series, that is the mothers will definitely gonna be there. Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth, who is a mother of 4 children, Retta as Ruby Hill who is Beth’s best friend and Mae Whitman as Annie Marks who is younger sister of Beth and mother of Sadie will be seen again.

Reno Wilson as Stanley, Manny Montana as Christropher and some of the new faces can also be seen.

Plot of Season 3

No such revelations have been done for the story line of the upcoming season.There are chances of entry of a new girl. Also, there is possibility that Rio might not be actually dead. The terms of the three mothers with each other will not be good.

Looking forward for a great concept and plot of Season 3.