What Blood-Filled Adventure Awaits For Fans In Ryan Murphy’s Ratched Season 2!

Fans cannot get enough of all the drama and blood-filled items action that went on in the first season of Netflix’s newly released series Ratched. While the first season managed to leave behind a good impression on fans, is there going to be a second season already?

What Can Fans Expect From Ryan Murphy’s Ratched Season 2?

Well, sister Mildred Ratched is going to be back as Netflix has confirmed a second season already! After the first season finale left some big cliffhangers behind, fans can assume that some of the characters are surely not returning given their grotesque end. While the second season is yet to come, we can binge- watch the first season that is currently streaming on Netflix.


While it has already been tested earlier that we cannot expect a happy ending, some of the characters are destined to die but their fate has been delayed for the time being. Not to forget that Edmund has already killed a few nurses and is not stopping anytime soon.

Who Is Going To Be Out For Vengeance In The Coming Season?

Moreover, there is huge speculation around Ratched’s brother who is put for revenge after he discovered that Ratched intended to kill him and left him in a rather tragic situation. Now, he might be joining hands with Charlotte who is struggling with multiple personalities.  Mildred has to look out for herself.


So, with some of the characters making their comeback after a violent near death situation, we are sure that a lot is in store for fans in the upcoming  second season. Moreover, with Ryan Murphy busy with some of his other projects, the second season might be arriving sometime around 2021.