We Have Tried To Unravel A Big Plot Twist In Mike Flanagan’s ‘The Haunting Of Bly Manor’ That Might Shock You!

While Mike Flanagan’s much-awaited sequel series The Haunting Of Bly Manor has finally arrived on Netflix, fans are in for yet another horror-filled adventure.

Fans Are Curious About Hannah’s Candle Act In The Haunting Of Bly Manor

While the series is well received by fans, there are some plot twists and turns that went unexplained. Let us take a look at one such incident that left fans all the more curious and here’s why.

Fans were curious when Hannah Grose played by T’Nia Miller began the season by lighting specifically four candles in the manor’s church. While fans might not have given it that much attention, the four candles sure had a special significance in the series and is connected with the all over plot line as well. Here’s a little sneak peek into the ongoing thrill in the  horror drama series.


Hannah Lit Those Candles For A Special Reason And Here’s Why It Is Important To The All Over Plot Line!

The third candle is lit in memory of Rebecca Jessel, who had to take her own life after she was abandoned. Moreover, the fourth candle was for Hannah herself, although she was finding it hard to coke in terms with her death, the lightning if the candle symbolizes the ease with the death and in memory of the loved ones.


The candles are all about the spirits of the dead who are still struggling to find their own light amidst the pain they went through while their life ended. The candles are lit in their memory and to not let them go away in memories only, this is the reason the candles were shown almost at the beginning of the series as Dani arrives.