Westside Gunn Called Out Caitlyn Jenner While Defending Kanye West’s After His Twitter Meltdown!

It seems like the whole Kanye West meltdown is becoming more and more dramatic with time and now more celebs are getting involved in this! However,  things night have been a bit more messier and now another celeb is in the mix!


Westside Gunn Soon Came To Kanye West’s Rescue After His Bold Claims And Tweets! Have a Look.

While Kanye West went on to make some controversial tweets and called out several celebs including Anna Wintour and Shia Lebeouef. Moreover, in his political campaign, South Carolina, he made some pretty crazy claims including the one where he confessed that he wanted to abort his first child with Keeping Up With The Kardashian star Kim Kardashian!


While many are shocked with this and termed this as Kanye’s public meltdown even speculative that his mental health might is deteriorating. However, one celeb has soon come to his rescue. Take a look at the Twitter post where one fans is backlashing Westside Gunn for being a transphobic person.

The Whole Defending Act Might Have Made The Situation Even Worse!

Westside Gunn came to Kanye’s rescue and talked about that it is pretty predictable that he is having issues considering the kind of environment he lives in. Westside Gunn took a dig at Caitlyn Jenner. He went on to say that Kanye’s children have to call their grandfather, grandma and that is petty insane.


Whip Westside Gunn did come to Kanye’s rescue, it might have damaged the situation and made it even worse. Fans are now accusing Westside Gunn as transphobic. People are not happy with the whole blame game and it seems like calling out Caitlyn Jenner was not a very good idea.