Well James Fallon is a great singer as well. Rapper Malone is good at beer pong as well.

Austin Richard Post is professionally known as Post Malone. He is an American singer, rapper and producer. James Thomas Fallon is an American comedian, actor, singer and producer. In a show, Fallon and Malone were found singing, Seven Drunken Nights”. In the video clip, both of them were seen holding

They requested the audience to clap for them. Fallon started singing, and Malone joined him as well. The two gave an outstanding performance. Fallon challenged Post Malone to a game of beer. Two of them gave an amazing performance. Malone and Fallon sang only the classic lyrics of the song. The rapper ( Malone ) also announced the release of his third music album, in September.

Malone joined Fallon for an interview as well. In spite of the fact that Fallon used his phone to check lyrics, his performance deserves full marks. He discussed his upcoming Posty Fest. Malone revealed that Posty Fest 2019 will take in the month of November, in Texas. They played Beer pong, and it is also known as Beirut. It is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball over a table, and the ball landing in a cup of beer kept at the other end.

When Fallon and Malone started singing, and the audience was clapping. It seemed that the whole crowd was involved in the performance. Malone and Fallon felt that they were drinking with the whole crowd. Well, in the beer pong it was clear that Malone has practiced more than Fallon.

Earlier in July 2019, the rapper has released an album, “Goodbyes.” It is clear that the rapper is in love with Irish songs. His performance of The Auld Triangle was loved by the audience. Well,l, it is clear that anybody can take out Malone from Ireland, but it is hard to take Ireland out of him. His first choice has always been an Irish ballad.