Wayne Newton gets sued by a Vegas woman because of his pet monkey? But Why??

The American singer Wayne Newton sued by a Las Vegas woman named Jocelyne Urena. The woman claimed that Newton’s pet monkey bit her daughter Genevieve during an invited mansion visit in October 2017. Urena seeks at least $15,000 in damages on behalf of her daughter Genevieve, in a civil negligence complaint filed Wednesday in Nevada state court in Las Vegas.

What happened in October 2017?
According to the lawsuit newton’s pet monkey, Boo attacked the girl without provocation during a tour of Newton’s former estate
Casa De Shenandoah. The monkey bit Genevieve on her right wrist after which she has to go through an emergency hospital treatment and follow up counseling. Urena’s attorney also stated that the girl has scars from that incident.

Newton’s wife reaction:
Kathleen McCrone Newton said in an email that Newton’s company broke ties with the company running Casa De Shenandoah in July 2017, three months before the lawsuit alleges the girl was injured.
“We are not a party and have no idea what happened in October 2017,” she said.

Casa de Shenandoah:
The lavish mansion which is involved in this case was home to Newton’s family for 40 years. It is a 39-acre property southeast of the Las Vegas strip. Newton also used the property as a ranch for various animals. In 2010 he sold this property to investors under the name CSD LLC for $15 million. CSD LLC opened a tourist attraction and museum there. Newton and his family moved to another home in 2013.