Watchmen Season 2: Will it Happen or Will it get Cancelled? Let’s Find Out.

HBO’s Watchmen may appear in the future with a second season, but it will be taking a different approach

HBO recently released a statement, which said how accurately the comic book characters were represented in the limited show. When the project kicked off, it was classified as a drama series but later it became a limited series as it’s future became uncertain. But making it a limited series has improved it’s chances of being nominated for an award when the time comes.

What the makers say

During the Television Critics Association winter press tour in March, Casey Bloys, the programming head at HBO talked about the show’s future. Bloys had high praise for director Damon Lindelof, who created something entirely new from out of the graphic novel, but ended it by saying that we may not get to see something like that again.

They are leaving it up to Damon to take the show in the direction he wants, when the time comes. Bloys said that maybe he will want to make it into an anthology, similar to Fargo or True Detective, or something entirely different, but the choice will be up to him.

When USA Today spoke to Lindelof, he said that he’s not into making a second season as he was able to achieve what he wanted. He said that HBO can make a second season if they want to, and when asked about this, HBO said that they would need Damon involved in some way if they are continuing with the show.

As fans know, season 1 ended with Angela Abar entering the pool in her backyard after consuming the egg given to her by Doctor Manhattan, and the screen faded to black, which makes us unsure if she’s received her powers or not.