Waiting for the next blockbuster: Shawn and his Señorita might come up with their new song, soon.

Here is another article on the sexiest couple of the Hollywood music industry – Shawn Mendes and his girlfriend, Camila Cabello. Everyone saw that their recently released song Señorita was a blockbuster. It became popular among the youth with a breakneck pace.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello in Señorita.

Now that Shawn has completed all of his 50 shows and done with his international tours as well, he might get busy again. Moreover, getting busy means that he must have started working on a new upcoming super hit number.

Not only Shawn but Camila has also completed her various tours to places like London, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Vegas. The Cuban has got enough time to spend with her hot boyfriend. Since the singers have now got ample time to spend with each other, it is quite sure that they will release another sassy song.

An extraordinary way to express love.

Different people have got different ways to express their love for their partners. Some give flowers or cakes, while some exchange love bands, but, Shawn and Camila have got an excellent way. They express their love in their songs. In their last song, Camila claimed that she loves it when Shawn calls her señorita. Now, it is even possible that in their new song, Shawn might be expressing what he feels for his girlfriend. Shawn and Camila have been dating for a long time now. The lovers are so much in love that Shawn has even deleted all social media apps from his phone as his relationship with girlfriend Camila gets serious.

From I know what you did last summer in 2015, toSeñorita in 2018, Shawn and Camila came really close to each other. From best friends forever to the hottest couple ever, the singers have covered a long journey and would surely come up with another hit soon.