Violet Evergarden Season 2: Will the Show Premiere Anytime Soon or Is it Facing the Pandemic Wrath as well?

While it had been pushed from the original date, fans won’t have to wait for long

Violet Evergarden is a Japanese light novel series that was written by Kana Akatsuki and it’s artwork was done by Akiko Takase. The story won prizes in the manga, novel and scenario categories. The immense success of the novel led to its own anime series which aired from January to April 2018. Afterwards, an OVA was released in July 2018 and the first movie came out in September 2019.

Ever since, fans have been awaiting the next season. Let’s read on to find when we can expect it.

Season 2 details

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Season 2 of Violet Evergarden was set to release on May 24th, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it had to be pushed back like most TV shows, movies, and animes.

If reports are to be believed, we may not have to wait that long as there were only a few pending works to be done, so once that is finished, the season will start airing in late 2020 and if the situation gets worse, it will be aired in 2021.

The story focuses on Auto Memory Dolls, a name given to ghostwriters who assists people who cannot write on their own or needs help in expressing their emotions through letters. Violet Evergarden is a young girl who grew up to be a war veteran who played an important role in numerous battles. But on one of these occasions, she was trying to save her comrade but ended up getting her arms blown off. Once the war was over, she got her arms replaced with advanced prosthetic limbs made of metal.

She decides to start working as an Auto Memory Doll and the real story starts from there.