Violet Evergarden is a Delight To Watch! Check Out the New Updates About the Sequel

 Violet Evergarden is Japanese Anime, adapted from light novel series by Kana Akatsuki. The novel was a wide success in the Japanese world and thus was adapted for the Anime series a 13 episodes series was released in 2018, the series also did well in the Anime verse, especially praised for its Animation and graphics work, well the Anime also attracted some films which were a commercial success and also some more to come.


The plot revolves around Auto Memory Doll, the series involves the concept of writing for others, which was introduced by Dr Orland who employed assistance for his blind wife who wants to write a novel for herself. The story involves her journey, blending back in society after a long tiring war, war is over and now she finally got peace to figure out what is want from life, as war is over and she is no longer soldier. Remembering the last word of her Major Gilbert who told her I Love You.


Release date is still a mystery, it has to be announced. The director talked about the future of the series and said that the book is written in a particular manner, which needs to be organized and presented in a different format for Anime.

Well, there are theories of getting a sequel movie instead of a whole new season, even one movie is about to hit the screen in 2020. But we can’t commit it as the official sequel of the series.

Well, we don’t have any prior information about the show and plot, all we know is that Violet Evergarden is one of the best novels of the Japanese industry and we would definitely like to see further progress in the Show.