The British Spy Series ‘Killing Eve’ has Geared Up for Season 2! Find Out All the Details Here.

Killing Eve is a British spy television series, the only fact is that you won’t get to see big, hulky and muscular men fighting. Instead, we have peculiar females with a definite instinct to work in a dark world. The show is based in the United Kingdom and follows the story of Eve Polastri, a British intelligence officer. The life of Eve is not much charming she is bored of her role in MI5.

And she is fired from MI5 due to this but the rollercoaster ride begins from her she is soon hired by secret service department MI6, to find international Assassin who calls herself Villanelle, a dangerous and distinguish killer. Well, Eve soon has an encounter with her a discover some dreadful fact encircling some major threads that are hidden. Eve soon forms attraction and obsession for Villanelle, which is not one-sided. Both now indulge in a complicated relationship, with catalyst and volatile behaviour of their work.

What Cliffhanger does Season 2 Hold?

 Well, talking about the second season, it left the audience is a pretty jaw-dropping situation, season two was as a whole thrilling ride with the two trying to convert a covert mission, indulge in their personal ventures. The second season involves Eve and Villanelle collaborating to take down Tech guy, Aaron Peel, who is, of course, indulge in something big and fishy.

Well, I won’t reveal the particulars as it would spoil the show for you, but the finale is something that makes you binge the show with interest. So, here is a spoiler and of course, a question that Is Eve Alive, well, in the end, Villanelle and Eve didn’t end on the same page making Villianelle taking a shot on Eve. So the question is whether our Spie is Dead or Not.

The show is highly successful in the U.S and U.K especially for its splendid and bold performing ladies. Citing the future of the series makers have renewed the project for a third and fourth season.