Viola Davis Creates a History by becoming the Most Nominated Black Actress atOscars

Oscars is one of the most decorated awards in film history. For every person who is associated with films, Oscar is something that everyone has dreamt of. Oscars are something that has high regard of its own in the film fraternity. For 2021 Oscars are planned to be host on 26 April 2021.

With the 2021 Oscars coming soon nominations are already over for different categories. In the same manner, there is Viola Davis who has rewritten the history books by becoming the most nominated black actress at the Oscars.

Viola Davis created history as she became the first in Oscars

Viola Davis broke the record for the most number of Oscars acting nominations for a specific Black actress in whole Hollywood history.  She also went onto become the only Black lady with two Best Actress nominations in total.

Viola Davis created history by going against the odds. She is in the history books as one of the leading actresses around the world. Viola Davis has been in the industry for a very long as she is one of the famous ones to be nominated for the same.

Preceding the numerous 2021 Oscar nominations declaration, Viola Davis had been on the same boat as her co-star Octavia Spencer. Both are on the stage as the most Oscar-nominated Black actress in the history of awards.

The same thing happened 48 years ago

The last time a similar thing happened was around 48 years ago. The respected thing happened in 1973 when Cecily Tyson and Diana Ross both were selected for the movie “Sounder” and “Woman Sings the Blues,” respectively. So after 48 years, it was a proud moment for everyone out there.

In the history books, Gone With the Wind entertainer Hattie McDaniel turned into the first Black entertainer to not only be nominated but also secure a win for the same.