Vanessa Bryant Shared an Adorable Video Of Youngest Daughter, Capri Taking Her First Baby Steps!

While Vanessa Bryant and her family are still trying to cope with the terrible loss they faced with Kobe Bryant and his elder daughter Gianna’s death, something so heartfelt happened that it made them forget their pain, all thanks to the youngest member of the family.

The Youngest Member Of The Bryant Family, Capri Took Her First Baby Steps!

Vanessa Bryant shared an adorable video of the youngest daughter Capri finally taking her first baby steps. The video is simply cute and beautiful with all the people present in the room cheering for the youngest champ and doing something that parents eagerly wait to see.

The Bryant family is going through a heavy loss after losing two of their family members in an unfortunate plane crash. Vanessa posts pictures of their family ok on occasions like Mother’s Day remembering her daughter and how terribly she misses them.

The Family Is Going Through An Immense Sense Of Loss!

However, Vanessa Bryant has reportedly hit the airplane’s owner with a long lawsuit and even took action against some police authorities who look some gruesome pictures of the plane crash and might have leaked them online. While not much is know about it, big Vanessa might be going ahead to take some serious steps.

Some sources has revealed that the family is still pretty jolted about whatever happened and the loss is irreplaceable for them. The whole world mourned the death of all the innocent lives and the intensity of the tragedy is surely unfathomable for many. We lost one of the most iconic figure in the world of sport. Everyone paid their respect to the legendary figure and mourned the loss.