Here is all the information you need on how to get your Tiktok account verified and get that creator badge. Check it out.

Verification badges are only provided by Tiktok to its most popular, authentic and influential tiktokers. According to the official verification criteria of tiktok, it under wraps, and here we are to the ways to get a large number of fan following. The will also improve the chances of you to become royalty.

But please do not misunderstand this with the verification of your mobile number. Verifying your mobile number can give you access to some additional features provided by TikTok like you can send direct texts, add your friends in the “find friends” Option, and you can also comment on live streaming videos of other people.

The very first thing you should do to get verified by TikTok is to keep sharing videos of high quality. All you require for this is a phone camera with high end to record high-quality videos of your content. However it will be more beneficial if you upgrade it to a bit more professional. One additional thing you can do is to buy a tripod so that the videos you record are never shaky. Moreover, you can also get an external microphone, it will make your audio good.

Do a bit of research about whats popular or tending on the platform. Or make videos on some specific topic or niche for instance comedy or songs. See if videos of other popular creators are consistent in length? Or do they use a particular filming technique? Research a bit about the trending hashtags.

Your ultimate aim should be to entertain. The only best way to get followers is to be funny and unique. Make attractive videos which force the viewers to visit your profile. And this way you could succeed.