Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Harris want “Cheer” on “Dancing With the Stars”.

Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson of the reality TV show Dancing With the Stars want Monica Aldama and Jerry Harris of the documentary series Cheer to star and participate in their show. Both of them are big fans of the series and would love to have them on their show.

Cheer X Dancing With the Stars?

Chmerkovskiy told People Now that he sees commitment and discipline in Monica Aldama. Since she works really hard and is very tough towards her cheerleading students it would be interesting to have her in the shoes of a learner. He also complimented her on her hard work and her show.

The show Cheer is about Navarro College’s cheerleading team who are preparing for their performance at the National Championship. The whole cheerleading team met the cast of Dancing With the Stars.

Chmerkovskiy posted a picture on his official Instagram and wrote in his caption about the team’s work and how they are at their full potential. He wished them all the best and hoped to see them in his show one day. The coach Aldama expressed her gratitude in the comments.

Jenna Johnson said that she would love to have Jerry Harris on the show. She told People Now that Harris has a genuine and positive personality and people get attracted to him because of his energy.

Chmerkovskiy on the success of Cheer!


Chmerkovskiy compared the success of Cheer with the onset of ballroom dancing because of Dancing With the Stars. He said that before the show no one cares about ballroom dancing. He further said that with Cheer‘s success they are very humble. The Netflix show opened a gateway for the world of cheerleading.

The Live! tour for Dancing With the Stars was recently cancelled because of Corona virus pandemic.