[UPDATED June 2020] Diamond No Ace season 4 will be round the corner soon? What all do we know yet?

Debut screened in Tokyo, Japan on September 28, 2013, and broadcasted months later the same year in October, Diamond No Ace is a series that has not only won over the box office but also the hearts of its fans. Although watched by people of all age groups, people who are young and much into sports have a special fan base for this series. The story revolves around the boy named Eijun Sawamura who plays baseball actively.


However, unknowingly, he happens to lose the competition at his high school in the final round. This defeat was not only a setback to him but also his team who then decides to rise above their defeats and reach the national tournament in their years of high schooling. He takes upon himself an expedition to work on his skills and improve them in a short period that he has. 

What about the upcoming seasons?


The series has completed 3 seasons and the 4th one is expected to be released soon. However, how soon? Well, at times of pandemic, it is not only tough to predict when the series will resume with its shooting and post-production, but also whether it will happen anytime in the nearest time or not. 

What about the cast of the upcoming seasons?


As far as the 4th season is concerned, the cast would remain nearly the same as the previous seasons. However, there could be some add ons to the list. The characters that we have confirmed for appearance are Okumura, Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru, Kominato Ryosuke to name a few.


The selection of characters and modifications, if any would be done to add life to the season as the previous seasons could successfully do. However, the further additions will take some time before executed as the times are such that confirming anything for certain might not be the right option to go for. Fans need to keep an eye on all the updates that will take place timely.