Margot Robbie replacing Johnny Depp to play the lead in female led Pirates of the Caribbean!! What is the real side of the story? Read to find out.

Some work gets so famous among the fans and viewers to certain artwork that they start getting linked to the work that they had once done. It becomes a part of their lives. The roles that they play are what they get as an identity over their real identities. One such example is Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean Sea, where he was known as the Jack Sparrow over his real name.

Most of his fans visualize his characters as the role that he played in the movie series. It pains to see them detached from the same workpiece due to any reason it be. Jack Sparrow was doubted of returning with the upcoming seasons of the movie series. 

What is the latest update about the series?

The creators of the series are surfacing once again on the broadcasting platforms. They have decided to come with a fresh idea about the series. The story and idea will be all different from the previous series. In the upcoming series, Margot Robbie will be playing the role of Harley Quinn. 

How have the fans responded?

Fans are waiting to see the new face of the series, where the story will be new and the roles will be seen modified with many additions to it. Fans admit that the absence of Johnny Depp will be felt throughout, however, Margot will as per their thinking meet up to the requirements of the role that she would be playing.

What would be fun is the story that will be upcoming. Whatever would be changed will be for the betterment indeed. However, the space that Jack Sparrow had in the minds of the fans will be in the void. Wait for the release so that one can see for themselves what the series is up to.