University Of Glasgow Develops Cancer Tests That Can Lead To A Breakthrough In Understanding The Deadly Disease  

Researchers at the University of Glasgow have invented several new tests that can improve cancer research. Not only that, if proven successful, the tests can also mean that every cancer patient in the world will have access to the latest medicine and technology available – at an affordable price. 

The researchers at the university developed a set of solid tumor and blood cancer tests. These do not require loads of money and are more accessible to the average person. The team behind the study is hoping their tests will encourage more clinical trials for cancer in the future. 

Not only that, the new tests can help scientists understand the deadly disease better. More specifically, these tests might uncover the secret behind why cancer often becomes resistant to chemotherapy. The way these tests will do that is by analyzing a person’s genetic code. 

The Glasgow test will check a cancer patient’s biological makeup and help doctors choose which cancer drugs will help the specific person’s case. This can also help them understand how people develop the disease in the first place. 

The set of tests is currently being evaluated. The NHS in England and Scotland are still looking into the Glasgow Cancer Tests as of now. Also, the University of Glasgow is using these tests on their own clinical trials. They are observing how these tests performed on patients with pancreatic cancer. 

Leading the research is Professor Andrew Biankin, a professor of surgery at the University of Glasgow. The team consists of Dr. Susie Cooke, Philip Beer, and David Chang. All of them have invested 5 years of their time to create these tests. Their ultimate aim is to create cancer tests that can be a part of a person’s regular checkup routine at the hospital.  

With Glasgow Cancer Tests, that dream might come true soon.