President Donald Trump recently claimed on Twitter that he is immune from the Coronavirus! Check out what happened after that.

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Not much after the first man of the united states of America, Donald J Trump was diagnosed with covid did he get recovered. One previous article of mine described to you about his treatment and the way and the treatment that he was undergoing to get cured and get back to normalcy after having caught the virus.

He was placed in the military hospital after which he was taken care of and was giving a therapy that was more controversial than it was appreciated in the world of science and drugs. After having being diagnosed and cured which was a fairly long journey, did he announce himself totally devoid of the virus and that he had developed antibodies against the same? His announcement was made public by himself on his twitter account that again held more controversies. His tweet was flagged as inappropriate as it claimed misinformation regarding the virus and since he had not verified his information before tweeting the same.

What was the tweet that he wrote and posted?

The tweet as was self-written was claiming himself as covid immune. However, in the world, people who are involved in the researches say that one can catch the virus yet again despite being immune after having contracted the virus the first time.

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Since it could make his followers believe that covid immunity is achieved with the method that he had undergone, the social media decided to take the tweet down. An event with controversies and discussions after it was done and implemented, social media has been on fire for a long time already due to several other factors and this one was another reason for social media to get the limelight.