As ‘She-Ra:The Princesses Of Power,’ is in its Final Leg, the Makers Aim to Depict the “Real Strength”

As the show comes to its final season, She-Ra and the team will be facing off against Horde Prime and his alien army. 

The show’s creator Noelle Stevenson had ways been obsessed with science fiction and fantasy. As a kid, she was instantly hooked into the space battles, the crazy adventures, and the whole larger-than-life scenario is presented.

But what she realized, later on, was that she couldn’t really relate herself to the main characters, like those from Star Wars or The Lord of The Rings. The stories were being told from a man’s perspective, and as a woman, it was hard to relate to most parts. There were female characters in all these movies, like Princess Leia and Éowyn, but what Stevenson wanted to be a female version of the movie mains such as Luke Skywalker and the terrifying Lord Sauron.

A career as a writer and artist 

Source: Screen Rant

Soon, Stevenson began her career as a comic book writer and illustrator. She was a National Book Award finalist in 2015 for her graphic novel Nimona won two Eisner Awards for her series Lumberjanes. 

Therefore, when Netflix and DreamWorks decided to reboot She-Ra: Princess of Power, she jumped right into it.

Stevenson stayed faithful to the original show’s action and adventure and has included many of the show’s core elements, such as the planet and the lore. The story is about a group of princesses who are fighting to stop the evil Horde army from taking over the planet.

The only change, which is significant that has been made by Stevenson, is changing the name to She-Ra and the PRINCESSES of Power. She wanted to mention that every princess is important in their own ways. The writing staff consists of women and has made characters who are from different races, sizes, and sexuality. It shows that you can be comfortable in your own skin and that you should never hide your true self. That was the message that Stevenson and her team wanted to convey.