Travis Scott reveals a short film for his new album “Jackboys”

Travis Scott reveals a short film for his new album “Jackboys.” There is also a video for “Gang gang” as well with the upcoming “Jackboys” release. Right after the video was out many people started watching and gave out opinions on it. One of them was the collaborator for “Jackboys.” The rapper, LP showed parts of the videos from both “Jackboys” and as well as “Gang gang” too. There were lots of hard work and many people put lots and lots of efforts on it, which made the video a successful one.

The video was fully directed by Scott and White Trash Tyler. Their bother were the backbone and gave lots of ideas to the video completion. Also it was revealed recently that Scott is the only one and he is the first to be futuristic, much more than Tyler.

The Jackboys include lots of songs and it became quite a popular one among the public. People loved it and enjoyed listening to the songs. The Jackboys was directed by Scott and it had seven songs and also has a remix with it. The remix is a creation by Scott. Many are excited for it and about it. The movies are out to watch it and for public view as well.

Before new year, it came out, just in the end of 2019. Everyone could watch it before the new year. The videos and the short film is quite popular and famous among public. Hopefully everyone would give out good opinions about it as well also.

Through this album, it will be the first release, like a comeback after his release back in 2018. The 2018 release was “Astroworld.” It also became a familiar one with the public. Now another one is out which is after a year. But technically after two years because it is soon going to be 2020, which will make it the next year.