Tom Holland Strongly Stepped Ahead in the 007 Race to Become the Next James Bond After the Spiderman

Tom Holland to replace Daniel Craig?

Hardy appears to have been active lately. He also made a cheeky cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This week, he even made an appearance at a MiniGolf (yes, really) cafe in Saltburn with a license to surprise the club’s ecstatic owner, Andrew Smith. The Beckhams and Madonna were sighted at London’s Winter Wonderland, while John Legend and Chrissy Teigen spent Christmas in the Cotswolds. Celebrities are mingling with the general public at random this month. Meanwhile, if Hardy takes over as James Bond, all indications suggest that he will move to more glitzy locales.

Since Craig promised to leave the role after 2015’s SPECTRE, there has been intense conjecture about who will take the spy’s tuxedo next. Who will play the seventh Bond now that the actor has officially left the role following an explosive and decisive exit (there’s no possible going back from that, even if he wanted to).

Tom Hardy

Since the beginning, Hardy has been a strong favourite, but Bridgerton’s Regé Jean Page just eliminated Hardy from the race, while Superman and Witcher superstar Cavill publicly expressed his desire for 007 triumph. However, the most recent odds show that the Venom star still has some life in him as he surges back in front of everyone once more.

According to the most recent odds from British bookmakers William Hill, Hardy is without a doubt the overwhelming favourite to succeed Bond. His current odds are 5/2, placing him clearly behind Page on 4/1. Idris Elba and The Umbrella Academy’s unlikely contender Tom Hopper are next, both at 5/1. William Hill’s spokeswoman stated to Express Online that Tom Hardy is once again the obvious market leader and the favourite to play the next James Bond. Many other actors have also been mentioned as potential candidates for the part, including Henry Cavill, who is now a 7/1 chance after being 10/1 at the end of November.

Michael Caine to Richard Burton: “There were nine actors who declined the role of 007,” The remaining competitors are a tightly knit group of notable big names with proven track records in action. James Norton of Grantchester and square-jawed regulars Richard Madden, who recently headlined The Eternals, are tied at 6/1.

Tom Holland

Jamie Bell from Billy Elliot comes in second at 7/1, followed by Tom Holland, the burgeoning Spider-Man hero. Tom Holland is someone to keep an eye on since, up until this month, he was barely in the running. However, the phenomenal success of his third solo Spider-Man movie altered everything. The only movie to do so this year, it had the second-biggest opening of all time and has already surpassed one billion dollars at the global box office.

Tom Holland is a strong contender now

Since landing the Marvel role, Tom Holland has been extremely open about his desire to play Bond, and his fellow Spider-Man cast members have revealed he continues to talk about it. Comparably, Cavill has been open about his desire to drive an Aston Martin says that he would certainly seize the chance if producers Barbara and Mike were interested in it. Everything is up in the air at this point for him. But it is true that he would like playing Bond; it would be incredibly thrilling, he concluded gleefully. When questioned once more this month while promoting The Witcher’s comeback, he said that the issue was still very much “on the table.”