Robyn Griggs, soap star and film actress, tragically dies at 49 after a long battle with cancer

Robyn Griggs passed away after a long battle with cancer

The 49-year-old actress Robyn Griggs, well known for her work on the soap operas “Another World” and “One Life to Live,” has passed away.

The tragic news was revealed Saturday afternoon in a message on the celebrity’s official Facebook page.

The post read, “Hello everyone I’m sorry to inform you of Robyn’s loss; please accept my condolences.” It read further that Robyn Griggs would want us to keep in mind that she is no longer in pain and the pleasant recollections. Adding her memory, the post read that she will never forget how willing she was to share her experience with her and how welcoming she was of her assistance. In order to accomplish so, she wished to share her tale and aid others. she felt privileged to do so. “My friend, you will be missed and will always make me smile,” it concluded on a touching note.

Robyn Griggs

Robyn Griggs, who wed golf professional Mark Wiley in 2013, was open and honest with her friends and admirers about her health issues. In 2020, she received a stage 4 cervical cancer diagnosis, and as recently as last month, she disclosed the development of four new tumours.

Robyn Griggs was a fighter

“I now have 4 tumours.” Robyn Griggs wrote on her account on July 7. Talking in detail she had informed that she has 2 new tumours on her liver, one on her abdominal muscle, and a massive one on her right side lymph node. “I’m in pain, so I started chemo Monday morning. I advised them to do whatever it took. I’m ready to battle.”

The account also states that the actress entered hospice care on August 11 – just two days before she passed away. She has fought with tenacity, grace, and strength that are truly amazing. Please keep Robyn and her family in your prayers and thoughts during this trying time.

Robyn Griggs

Six episodes of “One Life to Live” in 1991 featured Robyn Griggs as Stephanie Hobart. She later spent two years as Maggie Cory on “Another World.” Later, she appeared in movies including 2010’s “Hellweek” and 2003’s “Severe Injuries.”