Have Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp Called it Quits? Let’s Find Out.

The famous love birds- Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp have been dating since October 2018 and met for the first time for the shooting of a Netflix film, the king. After that, they were seen hanging out together and were seen publically kissing, which confirmed that they were dating. Also, they were seen walking together on the red carpet in 2019. They were together for more than a year, but now sources reveal they broke up recently.

It was confirmed when Lily-Rose Depp declared herself single in the famous magazine Vogue, version of May.

                                         pic credits- vogue

But why did they break up? They were madly in love and obsessed with each other? Why would they part their ways like that?

There is no reason revealed as such as why they broke up or when exactly they did. It is very shocking for the public as they were seen displaying PDA several times, then what went wrong?

We are not sure of anything, but some sources reveal that Timmy was seen hanging out with another famous star, Zendaya. But was she the main reason? Nobody is sure of that.

After the Netflix film the king was released, Depp told some sources that she was apparently nervous at first when they both started working together on the film. She told me that it is amazing to work with such an intelligent person, like with someone who gives 100% to the show. She felt he was very talented, and it was a great opportunity for her to work with him.

However, they were always on good terms, but they were never really official about their relationship.

                              pic credits-Elle

It remains something of a riddle, whether the pair were a thing or not, and to what extent their relationship formally kept going. Be that as it may, undoubtedly, evidently, he’s single, at any rate for a long time to come.