TikTok Star Kio Cyr And Olivia Ponton Announced Their Breakup Which Led To Major Backlashing From Fans! Check it out.

It seems like this year is seeing too many breakups and divorces amongst celebs, another known pair has apparently called it quits and things became a bit too emotional for the pair as they announced their split.


TikTok Stars Kio Cyr And Olivia Ponton Have Announced Their Break Up Via Social Media!

Apparently, Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton who rose to quick fame with their creative TikTok content and soon managed to gain a huge fanbase for themselves have announced their breakup recently via social media and fans are pretty much shocked! Take a look at the Twitter post Olivia posted after which fans assumed the worst!


However, it seems like it was more of a mutual breakup and Olivia uploaded a Twitter post saying that she had to do.one of the hardest thing she ever had to do. She was talking about her break up with boyfriend Kio.

Fans Soon Backlashed Olivia And Kio Came To Her Defend! Have a Look.

Kio soon replied to the post saying that she will always have his heart and he wishes her all the best and called her an angel. It seems like they don’t have any bad beef between them. Take a look at this Twitter post that Pop posted urging fans to not blame Olivia for the whole breakuo after fans pretty much backlashed Olivia.

However, fans were not happy about it and started backlashing Olivia, Kio soon stepped up and posted another Twitter post in her defense and said she is a kind-hearted soul and did nothing wrong. The Pair started dating early this year with starting of with a low profile but soon admitting about the ongoing romance between them.