“Tiger Woods” will be the name of Cardi B’s new album releasing in 2020, dedicated to the struggle of golf player Eldrick Tont Woods!

It seems Tiger Woods is the muse for Cardi B’s next album. Yes, we are not kidding. The world-famous rapper recently revealed in an Instagram live clip “Tiger Woods” will be the name of her new album. She released the clip on Thursday. We are as confused as the fans, and we obviously want to know the reason behind it.

In the clip, the Grammy winner says that she will probably name her album Tiger Woods. It’s because he came and won the Green Jacket when everyone was talking shit about him. It seems Cardi is referring to Wood’s fascinating victory in April. The golf player had a gripping victory and received his fifth green jacket.

Woods had to face many scandals regarding his extramarital affair in 2008. His marriage with Elin Nordegren crumbled, and that affected his professional life too.

She mentioned that the 43-year-old player had a hard time dealing with back injuries and a not-so-good personal life, but he didn’t let that come in the way. This was his 15th major triumph, and it definitely made the fans proud. We all know her music will be as smashing as always, but it seems the fans will have to wait for a while before they can enjoy her music again.

The singer also revealed that she would not release any new albums in the coming months of 2019. She will only focus on her new album. That’s disappointing for her dedicated fans, but it’s all right. We can wait some more. The clip showed a makeup artist who was trying to do Cardi’s makeup in a moving car. Cardi also starred in the recently released movie Hustlers. Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu were her costars.

In 2019, Cardi released only one track of her own. But she collaborated with stars like Bruno Marks and French Montana. We are yet to see how serious the rapper is about her upcoming album’s name.  Her husband commented on a laughing crying emoji on the clip.