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This New Netflix Crime Documentary Is Based On A True Event And Is Spine- Chilling! Even Chris Watts is triggered by this!

It seems like one of the newly released Netflix documentaries has not only shocked fans with all the grueling facts but someone else is also triggered! Well, the whole fiasco is actually about this man!

Netflix’s New Documentary Is Spine Chilling And Is Based On True Events!

Apparently, Netflix’s newly released documentary titled American Murder: The Family Next Door is based on a true spine chilling story of a man who.murdered his pregnant wife along with his two daughters! The man who is behind it all, Chris Watts is not quite thrilled about his infamous case being exposed! If you haven’t already witnessed the whole thing yet, here’s the official trailer of the documentary.


While an insider source has revealed that Chris might never see the documentary neither does he wants to watch it, but the fact that all the text messages are out there in public is bringing back bad memories from 2018!

The Man Behind It All Might Be Triggered With The Documentary.

Chris strangled his wife at their home back in Colorado and even smothered their daughters. He committed these murders because he was having an affair with his co-worker who assumed that he was already separated. The new Netflix documentary is a spine chilling one and is based on a true event that will surely make you think!

Moreover, the documentary will give you all the details about this highly controversial case that has adultery, murder and the aftermath that follows. With protests, and an intense discussion with the culprit , the documentary will keep you hooked till the very end, it will make you watch it all the while with never seen before facts about the case.


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