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Donald Glover Make Shocking Revelations About His Sexuality And Racism ! Have a look at what he had to say.

American actor, comedian, producer Donald Glover has made some personal confessions in a recent interview and these revelations are surely surprising enough for fans!

Actor Donald Glover Opens Up About His Sexuality In This Interactive Interview!

The actor has confessed that he had earlier struggled with his sexuality and the whole idea of it. He further said that how when back in college his friends asked him about being gay, he would say that sort of felt like he is as he loves the community.

Talking to Michaela Coel, the actor further said that he was unsure about his sexual orientation back in college. The Atlanta star had an interesting interaction with Coel over a Zoom interview saying how he never completely felt safe in one place. According to the star, this confusion happens due to all the experiences of racism he faced back when he was younger. Michaela Cole also took this opportunity to share some of her experiences where she also faced racism and how deep rooted it is till now.

Glover Also Announced The Arrival Of Their Third Son.

Apart from all these intense conversations, Glover also announced good news. He informed fans that his girlfriend Michelle has given birth to an adorable baby boy! However, he also mentioned that his son was born just a few hours before the whole George Floyd incident took place. He also revealed that they are planning to adopt a girl as it would be nice to have a daughter.

The actor has always maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life, away from the paparazzi and media limelight. The actor has three sons with her long time girlfriend.

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