This Halloween will get more scary with ‘Blinded by the Light,’ The Nightingale,’ ‘The Kitchen,’ ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,’ and More

Those scary faces, weird voices, terrorizing expressions, and alarming gestures will make your heartbeats a million times more fast as you will get to witness scariest Halloween this year, as some ‘JAW-DROPPING’ movies are ready to hit you with an abundance of fright.


Five best friends, sitting on the bed with their blankets on as it is nail-biting cold, they are all alone in a huge home, 12:30 strikes at the clock, they are feeling scared, and all of the sudden ones of them start telling ghosts stories to the group, they are screaming, shaking and feeling terribly frightened but still enjoying it.

We are damn sure that you all must have done this fun too because it is an adventure in listening, watching, or telling scary stories and at the same time, rolling into the feeling of immense fear(seriously its ‘SUPER-FUN’!)

So this Halloween…make a strong grip to your seats so that these top scariest movies won’t shake you up with their spine-chilling stories. ‘Scary Stories to tell in the dark, ‘The Nightingale’, and ‘Luz’….these hair-raising films will bring you goosebumps and at the same time will make you travel adventure-filled journey, this Halloween week. But on the other hand films like ‘Blinded by the Light’ will bring some laughter and drama to your platter and you can also expect tons of mystery/suspense with films like ‘The Kitchen.’

So grab your costume, mask, and hit the floor with some amazing steps at your Halloween party, and don’t forget to watch these daunting movies that will make your Halloween even scarier!