Is Eddie Murphy Planing to Host SNL again? What is the truth behind the success? Checkout for details!

Renowned comedian, actor, and singer Eddie Murphy has literally made his fans immensely happy by announcing his return to stand up comedy, new Dolemite movie, and his upcoming Saturday night show.

Further details about his return

Eddie Murphy recently appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live show, while talking to Jimmy Kimmel, Murphy excitingly told about his plans of making a return as a stand-up comedian and hosting SNL (Saturday Night Live) show with his popular funny vintage characters, ’I am thinking about making it as funny as possible, because I want to shut shit down when I do it”), Eddie told.

More about the legend ‘Eddie Murphy’

The best part is that ‘Dolemite is my name’ star will be seen reviving his gigs by doing Gumby again, when he was asked that if he would be adding Gumby in his performance, Eddie replied “ Oh, yeah, I’m gonna do Gumby” Murphy later added that he might also do ‘Velvet Jones’ and ‘Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood.’

This is the most amazing Christmas gift to all the fans out there who were waiting to watch their beloved star; ever since the legend has made the announcement of reviving his show and making a comeback in stand-up comedy, his fans are super happy and excited.

Eddie Murphy began his career On 9 July 1976, Murphy showed his brilliant talent on a talent show at the Roosevelt Youth Center, he was highly appreciated for impersonating singer Al Green, and from this exciting start, he marked the marvelous journey.

But he became greatly popular as a co-member on SNL, this show was experiencing dull TRPs as it was not getting huge attention from audience, but with Eddie Murphy’s entry, the show started receiving loads of appreciation and love from audience and later on SNL became a popular show, and the credit goes to Murphy for reviving the show with his commendable sense of humor.

Apart from doing TV series, he has also given excellent performances in lots of movies like 48hrs, Trading Places, The Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek 2, Triplets, and many more.

So drop all your worries and problems, and get ready to make this Christmas ‘a blast of happiness, excitement and laughter’ as your dearest star Eddie Murphy will tickle you with his great gigs and performances.