The Watcher: Amy Schumer is Deeply Scrutinized in the Netflix’s Latest Narrative

In “The Watcher” Parody, Stalker Watches Every Move of Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer was accompanied for tonight’s episode of SNL by musical guest Steve Lacy and she even performed on stage in the sketch, mimicking The Watcher, a popular mystery series that premiered on Netflix in October.

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Reeves Wiedeman wrote a 2018 article for New York magazine’s “The Cut” that detailed a genuine tale that served as the inspiration for the script written by Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy. A married couple moves into their dream home in the drama starring Mia Farrow, Bobby Cannavale, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Coolidge, and others only to receive ominous messages from a stalker known as The Watcher.

“The Watcher” Sketch Plot

Everything appears to be going as usual during the sketch, but then James (Dad) enters with a letter that he spotted sliding under the door.

The Watcher
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It was mentioned in the letter that he or she is the looker and can see whatever this household does. The letter disclosed some personal information about the family members by mentioning that the son had been working hard while rehearsing his guitar and that the daughter liked to record in her diary about a boy who mows the yard.

The watcher in the diary questioned the father about his morning jogs and then revealed details about the mother, claiming that she goes to the kitchen and eats a lot like a gluttonous person who is afraid of being caught while everyone is asleep.

The Watcher even mentions that she takes pleasure in the property brothers while watching TV, raising the question of whether she is more interested in the property or the brothers. The other members concur with the revelations made for them, despite Schumer appearing to disagree with the letter on the other side.

The Watcher
Photograph: Eric Liebowitx/Netflix

The letter further revealed that although Johnson’s life seemed ideal, it was not since his poor wife was frequently observed struggling in the bathroom, struggling to do tasks, and giving herself mini-pep talks.

The Watcher also claims that she uses Property Brothers as an outlet for her frustrations. However, when her son points out that someone had indeed watched every episode of “Property Brothers” for five minutes, Schumer becomes enraged and claims that intruders had broken into the house and tampered with the TV.


According to the letter, the observer also observed the kids practicing a TikTok dance, dad worrying about his greying hair, and mom using her exercise bike while idly looking at her phone. Despite not pedaling, she still ends up sweating profusely and returns to the restroom to resume the struggle.

Following the letter’s conclusion, the daughter suggested that her parents call the police for a follow-up investigation, and the father suggested that they spend the night in a hotel. In response, Schumer suggested that the family stay in a hotel but added that she would stay behind to take care of the house.


Then, a nocturnal scene with Schumer watching Property Brothers while partially undressed is shown, indicating that she is more interested in property than the brothers.