The Walking Dead released Teaser for Season 11 Part 2! It’s Mind-Blowing

The Walking Dead: Season 11, Part 2 teaser released

AMC’ popular zombie horror show “The Walking Dead” has almost reached the end of its journey. The show is taking its time before coming back with the 2nd part of the final and eleventh season which is confirmed to air on February of 2022. The official YouTube page of The Walking Dead has released a teaser for the 2nd part.

About the show

Adapted from a comic of the same name, the zombie show started screening on 31st October 2010. The whole show is about survival of a group in a zombie apocalypse. Since the first day The Walking Dead caught the viewers attention with its horrifying storyline. And with its each new season it keeps getting darker. In this long ten years “The Walking Dead” has connected the viewers with show and now it’s almost time to wrap up.

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The eleventh and final season of the zombie series started airing on 22nd August of this year. Already seven episodes has released. The last episode of this part is set to release on 10th of October.

The teaser: 

The new released teaser trailer starts with Daryl saying “Just think about the choices” of which Father Gabriel replies that it depends on who is making the choice. Father continued that so many didn’t make it just to save others. The teaser also gives us glimpses of Maggie, Negan, Carol and the new commonwealth leader Pamela Milton who will only be introduced in the second part.

Second part of the eleventh season will consist eight episodes. There will be a third part also, consisting eight episodes which will release somewhat in the middle of 2022.

There are some missing characters too fans are hoping to see again. Such as Andrew Lincoln who played the main character Rick Grimes got missing in 9th season. Then there is Danai Gurira played Michonne, another main character also got missing in season 10.

Although The Walking Dead is going to end soon but there might be a good news for fans. As Jeffrey Dean Morgan previously revealed, there is a chance of Negen’ spin off show. Also AMC itself has hinted about a Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier spin off. Even other spin off shows such as “Fear The Walking Dead” “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” are still continuing.