Drew Barrymore Praised ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Dakota Johnson for Slamming Ellen DeGeneres!

Dakota Johnson recalled her awkward interview at the Ellen DeGeneres show

At Drew Barrymore’ chat show Dakota Johnson recalled her awkward interview moment with Ellen DeGeneres which caused a lot of buzz back in 2019.

Earlier in 2019, Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson took part in The Ellen DeGeneres Show where they had some awkward as well as cringeworthy conversation.

So, what exactly happened?

The host accused Johnson for not inviting her in her 30th birthday party. The actress replied that it is not true, Ellen was invited. With that Dakota reminds her that it is not the first time Ellen is accusing her for not inviting in her parties. The actress said she did not even know if Ellen wanted to be invited. The host said in the context that who would not want to be invited in a party, of which Johnson replied that she wasn’t sure Ellen likes her.

The Ellen Show | YouTube

The actress again cleared that she invited Ellen but she did not attend her party. The cringe factor went up as the host asked for proof. Dakota Johnson then said to confirm it from her producer Jonathan. After getting confirmation Ellen said that now she remembers. Malibu, where the party was held was too far for her to go.

Drew Barrymore praised Dakota Johnson

Discussing that awkward interview, ET star Drew Barrymore praised Dakota Johnson for handling that situation so amazingly. Both of them burst out laughing.

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Barrymore jokingly said that people have faced trouble for claiming not being invited in Dakota’ party. “That was amazing, by the way”, added Drew Barrymore.

Back in 2019, when that particular clip from Ellen DeGeneres Show’ episode went viral fans praised the Fifty Shades of Grey actress for destroying the host on her own show and calling her out for lying publicly.