The Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Has Deleted All Pictures Of Her Fiance Randall Emmett From Social Media Account! Why?

It seems like one of the stars from the reality show Vanderpump Rules exhibited some controversial social media behavior and fans are wondering the apt reason behind it! Let us see what’s the drama all about.

Why Did Lala Kent Delete Her Fiance’s Pictures From Social Media All Of A Sudden? Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, fans were quick to notice that Lala Kent has recently deleted all the pictures of her fiance, Randall Emmett from her social media account. This behavior is a bit controversial as it is done just weeks after posting their wedding. Is there trouble in paradise? We think the couple is going through some relationship crisis and we wonder is the wedding still on or not!

Not only did Lala deleted all the pictures but also unfollowed him on social media platforms! Fans are depicting major split up reasons behind this sudden move on Lala’s part. The wedding was supposed to happen in April but was postponed to July. There is absolutely nothing to worry as Lala has explained everything! Have a Look.

Is The Wedding Happening Anytime Soon?

There’s still more drama to this ongoing trouble as Kent recently has put you a status story saying that her life is a mess! Deleting pictures, then following then the controversial status is pointing towards something big and fans are dreading the worse!

While the wedding is still yet to happen and there’s no further confirmation of the wedding happening anytime soon. With these array of   controversial social media behavior that Lala is exhibiting , the wedding is still looking a bit uncertain ! With these questions coming on the forefront, it seems like only Kent can answer these questions at this point.