The Umbrella Academy : Netflix Sets Release Date for Season 3 in 2022; the Story to Unfold at Hotel Oblivion

The Netflix superhero series will return in 2022

Netflix celebrated The Umbrella Academy‘s birthday by providing some information about the third season. Season 3 will officially take place at the Hotel Oblivion. Hotel Oblivion is otherwise dubbed as “The hotel that no one could escape.”

The video can be found in The Umbrella Academy official Netflix page. The short clip is under “Trailers and more.”

About Hotel Oblivion

The Umbrella Academy

Hotel Oblivion is the name of the third volume of the series, created by Gerard Way. It’s named after a place where “no one could escape.” In the comics, the villain called The Murder Magician gets imprisoned at the Hotel Oblivion. He was the one who defames Reginald Hargreaves as a monster. The story follows him finding out the true extent of his punishment once he is in his cell.

We are not aware of the direction that the Netflix series will take, but we do know the names of the episodes. The first episode is entitled, “Meet the Family.” It will be written by Steve Blackman and Michelle Lovretta. The others will be called,

  1. The World’s Biggest Ball of Lightning
  2. Kugelblitz
  3. Kindest Cut
  4. Marigold
  5. Auf Wiedersehen
  6. Wedding at the End of the World
  7. Six Bells
  8. Oblivion

Tom Hopper’s interview

The Umbrella Academy

Tom Hopper, who plays Luther, aka Spaceboy had a chat with Collider about the upcoming season. Hopper said that the show really found its groove, and it was because of the way they established the other seasons. Season 1 was a means to set up the world, and they got to know the characters and events properly after that. By the end of season 2, the viewer gets a proper idea on whats about to happen.

For now, the release date is unknown, but it’s set to arrive sometime in 2022.

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