The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On: Netflix Drops the trailer for the New Dating Show

New Netflix Dating Show

The creators of “Love is Blind” are back with another Netflix series “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On”. Netflix dropped the first trailer for the upcoming series. “Love is Blind” co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey will host the upcoming dating show as well.

The show will feature ten episodes which will drop in April. It will follow six couples, who are about to get marries to each other. However, one of the partners feels a bit unsure about marriage. Every person will pick someone from the other five couples to live with for three weeks. The original couples will decide whether to go ahead with the wedding or call it off.

Netflix to Drop An Unscripted Dating Show "The Ultimatum in April

About the Trailer

The trailer dropped on March 2 and begins with a conversation between a couple. Lachey tells the group why they are there, saying that someone in their relationship “issued an ultimatum”. It will most certainly be an emotional rollercoaster ride for all the viewers and “Love is Blind” fans. Kinetic Content also produced “Love is Blind” in February 2020.

Netflix to Drop An Unscripted Dating Show "The Ultimatum in April
Instagram/ Vanessa Lachey

Dating Show creator Coelen

Chris Coelen created this show following  fifteen men and fifteen women. Men and women date each other for ten days. But, they cannot see each other. They can only see each other after one partner proposes to the other for marriage. The streaming platform renewed the show for second and third season in 2020. Television producer and writer, Coelen is most famous for Love Is Blind (2020). He also worked on Spy Games (2020) and How to Look Good Naked (2008). The first eight episodes will drop on Netflix on April 6, and the rest of the two episodes will drop a week later on April 13.

For all the dating show enthusiasts “The Ultimatum” will be an absolute treat to watch.