Connor Ratliff To corner Tom Hanks for his decision of firing him At his Dead Eyes Podcast

Tom Hanks to finally appear as a guest in Dead Eyes Podcast

The question of firing Connor Rattlif from the HBO series “Band Of Brothers” has long been left unanswered. Luckily, after a long wait podcast Dead Eyes and its host Connor Ratliff has finally got a chance to have Tom Hanks on the podcast. Hanks would thus himself talk about his decision to fire Ratliff on Dead Eyes.

Connor Ratliff was fired from Band Of Brothers by Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

It was two decades back when one of the directors for the HBO series “Band Of Brothers” fired Connor Ratliff from the series. Well, the director was none other but Tom Hanks. While it still pricks Ratliff as to why he was fired, there’s a hope to have Hanks to answer it himself.

Dead Eyes podcast that’s hosted by Connor Ratliff himself knows that he was fired by Hanks from Band Of Brothers because Hanks thought he had dead eyes. Certainly, Ratliff himself doesn’t know why Hanks said he had dead eyes and what that meant for.

Connor Ratliff eagerly awaits Hanks on Dead Eyes podcast

Connor Ratliff
Twitter/ Connor Ratliff

After a two decade long wait, finally Connor has grabbed a chance to have Tom to answer himself the reason why he fired him just before the production for the HBO series was to begin. Well, surprisingly Dead Eyes season three finale would have Tom to appear for the podcast.

Moreover, as Connor is excited to have Hanks as the guest on his podcast. It would be exciting for both Connor and others to know why he was fired from the series calling he had dead eyes. Hanks would be expected to give a response to the decision he took long back and know how it affected Connor personally and professionally too.

Not to miss, the Dead Eyes podcast to air with Hanks in it is arriving on March 10th.