The Stranger Things: The Duffer Brothers Released a Shocking Spoiler for Season 4 which will Change the Course of the Show

An American fictional series, Stranger Things is based on the genre horror. Those who follow horror web series need to look into the work by Duffer Brothers, a chilling series that is filled with a thrill in its every scene. The essence of the series is fictional, ranging from the locations to the storyline. The series debut in 2016. With supernatural incidences, the story in every way tries to surprise the viewers. 


The story talks about a laboratory that is exclusively meant for performing experiments for the US Energy Department, however, it is used for experiments in the field of supernatural and paranormal activities. The story is fascinating with every experiment performed and the outcome that turns out to be troublesome for everyone around the performers. Ratings have testified its appreciation among the fans, with an average rating of 8.8 by several platforms.


The series has performers that are appreciated well in the acting industry which adds on to its fame. Millie Bobby Brows playing Eleven, Caleb McLaughlin playing Lucas, Noah Schnapp playing Will are some of the most-watched and appreciated in the show, in integration with the others. Eleven and Mike indulge in a relationship that is opposed by Jim. A series of incidences follow such as a power fluctuation which is sensed by the couple and they closed their portal, however, something strange keeps on haunting them. That is the starting of the time when Eleven senses danger around her and is risked for her life.

Possibility for season 4

The teaser for season 4 is already out. Viewers find it thrilling how the story is shown commencing and much to their relief Jim Hopper is very much alive. Duffer Brothers, the creator of the show have confirmed on social media that the 4th season will witness Eleven’s death. Since it’s revealed already, no spoiler intended to be leaked in this article. All we can do is wait for the shooting to resume and the post-production to finish once the pandemic is over and watch our favourite horror series.