The Society Season 2 [exclusive update]: check out release date, cast, plot, trailer and every other latest detail on the series.



The Society is a tragic arrangement made by Christopher Keyser that propelled on Netflix in May 2019. The show is about a gathering of adolescents who wind up in another reality where they need to live their lives without their folks.

The gathering of teenagers must figure out how to oversee without seniors in the midst of them. They get themselves alone and without grown-up management, out of nowhere after a school trip goes amiss. At the point when they return, they end up in what is by all accounts a substitute reality. Thick timberland encompasses their town, cutting them off from the remainder of the world. Their entrance to the web is likewise cut off. The young people need to figure out how to live all alone, structure their own networks, and endure.

Numerous similitudes have been drawn between the show and the exemplary novel Lord of The Flies, where children are abandoned on an island, and they before long turn savage and crude in their conduct.

Discharge Date

Another season for the show was affirmed in July 2019. It should debut in the not so distant future.

The flare-up of the pandemic has made the arrival of the second season unsure as the creation of numerous shows has been ended. The show will not stream the new season at any point in the near future. It will just discharge towards the finish of this current year or the following year.


It stars Sean Berdy, Kathryn Newton, Liu Bordizzo, Gideon Adlon, Natasha Olivia DeJonge, Jacques Colimon, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Alexander MacNicoll, Jose Julian, Toby Wallace, and Rachel Keller.

The show will add another face to the cast, Gwen, played by Olivia Nikkanen. She is restless and plays a very defenseless character. Before the second’s over the season, she finds a protected spot in the new world. She will likewise repeat her job and make a rebound.

The subsequent season may follow the characters’ excursion back to this present reality. It may even investigate the impact of their vanishings on their folks and the battles they are managing.

We know one thing without a doubt, with everything that the teenagers experienced, they will be changed into altogether various individuals.

The trailer for the show hasn’t spilled by any means. We will keep you refreshed when the official trailer comes out.