The Dragon Prince Season 4: read to know the Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer and every other latest update.

One of the most popular anime series on Netflix “Dragon Prince,” has been quite engaging for the fans. Dragon Prince is a fantasy anime series. The good news for the fans is that anime series is coming back for Season 4.

After its initial success in the last three seasons of the anime. The makers of the show Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, decided to come back with season 4. Wonder storm and Bardel Entertainment are the ones behind the famous anime series. The anime series was first released on September 14, 2018, on Netflix, which received a very warm welcome from the audience.

The plot about the anime series is about a continent name Nadia. It is a place where humans and elves used to live in peace and harmony for quite some time. The peace was disrupted by the humans who started using dark magic for their own benefits and start exploiting resources.

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After this, the war was raged between the humans and the elves. During the war, the humans managed to kill the DRagon Prince and destroy the dragon, too, even though it is restored later on.

The upcoming season itself is an anticipated one for the fans. The debut of dragons in the new season seems evident for the remaining four primal sources out of the six.

Ezra, after becoming the new heir of Katolis, might have to face danger in the form of Viren, who will be resurrected in the new season. It will surely bring new twists to the story.

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It is anticipated by many that Netflix will come out with the anime series by May 2020.

Fans are still waiting for the official trailer to be released soon. Fans can expect the final release date to be announced anytime soon in 2020.