The Sex Slaves Of Keith Raneire: Allison Mack Was Excited About Being A Part Of The Harem While Camila Became Jealous Of The Other Sister Wives 

Keith Alan Raniere was the mastermind behind the cult NXIVM which he dubbed a ‘multi-level marketing agency.’ This company offered courses in personal development and then effectively brainwashed the customers. One of the most startling features of this was sex slavery. 

Many women were recruited by Keith on the promises of a happy life and marriage to then become his sex slaves. They would be called ‘sister-wives’ and have threesomes with the self-proclaimed ‘vanguard’ or master Raneire. This all started around 2015. 

One of these sister-wives was Allison Mack. Unlike many others, Allison was excited to be part of a polygamous relationship. She loved having threesomes with the other sister-wives. So much so that she even signed on to some questionable documents. One of these stated that if Allison and Keith were to have a baby and she then leaves him, he would get sole custody of the baby.  

Also, she sent his private information that he could potentially use against her in the future. This included nude photographs as well as a letter stating that she was molested by her father. All this was done so that she could remain intimate with the vanguard Raneire. 

On the other hand, there were some of Keith’s sex slaves that were not all happy with the polygamous arrangement. One of them was Camila Fernandez. She met Raneire back in 2005 when she was just 15 years old. They continued their relationship for 10 years. But in 2015, when Keith began recruiting more and more women as his sex slaves, Camila was hurt. 

This is because, from a young age, Raneire had promised her a happy home and children. Camila was still hoping naively for a traditional love story. But alas, that was not to be. In the end, it was her nude pictures clicked at 15 which got Raneire into major trouble. 

The Feds already had dirt on him but with the nudes of the underage Camila, they could also put child pornography charges on him. Currently, Keith is in jail waiting for his trial in 2020. He is expected to get a minimum of 15 years but could also potentially get a life-time sentence.